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 Project NameCityStateWork Type(s)Facility Type(s)System Type(s)
NASA-Ames Research Center - Arc Jet Support 2008
Job 0651.02
Moffett FieldCA
NASA-Ames Research Center - Arc Jet Support 2009
Job 0651.03
Moffett FieldCA
Happy Valley Primary School
Job 0655.00
On-site wastewater treatment project. Performed more »
Yuba City - 12kV Switchgear SDB/SDC
Job 0665.12
Yuba CityCA
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Petaluma "C" St Pump Station SDC
Job 0727.03
Anderson Waste Management Landfill
Job 0729.00
Prepared an electrical Master Plan and designed electrical, more »
Petaluma - Booster Pump Station No. 2
Job 0816.00
San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant
Job 0836.00
San JoseCA
Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant
Job 0878.00
Blue LakeCA
Radio Station KNCA
Job 1146.00
City of Eagle Point - Task Order Contract
Job 1270.00
On-call contract for municipality candidate tasks: more »
Eagle PointOR
DSRSD - FOD Electrical/HVAC Improvements
Job 1622.00
ArcSine provided electrical and mechanical engineering more »
NASA-Ames Research Center - VMS Maintenance and Trouble Calls
Job 8820.00
Moffett FieldCA
NASA-Ames Research Center - VMS Documentation
Job 8901.00
Moffett FieldCA
NASA-Ames Research Center - VMS Mg Set Plan and Battery Replacement
Job 8915.00
Moffett FieldCA